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where good eats meets better vibes

At Chasers all of our dishes are carefully prepared with fresh ingredients. Our promise is to only select high quality cuts of meat, which are seasoned to perfection and marinated


Our various other dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and natural flavours, and are well-balanced and nutritious. Our food promotes a natural, healthy diet involving a wide range of ingredients such as meats, fish, vegetables and seafood with unique seasoning.


The harmony of strong and delicate flavours, contribute to the gourmet flavour that complements well being. 



It's not just the look that counts

Our unique bar & grill serve as a sophisticated place for our guests to gather around and connect our guests with an exceptional and memorable dining experience. Our guests can choose from wide variety of premium foods to their taste and eat with compliments of their choice- including our fresh sides

Our dining space consists of tables divided into two sides, one side of the restaurant space is allocated for fine dining and the other side consists tables arround the bar including a dance floor with live DJ music.

Our dining space can cater to any event- from romantic date nights and casual friend gatherings, to large family meals, dinner events, and business luncheons

Chasers's patio allows you to enjoy outdoor experience during summer time. Whether you want to order finger foods and drinks on a hot summer afternoon, or enjoy a premium meal on a rainy romantic evening, Chasers accommodates the perfect atmosphere for any type of moment filled with joy, excitement and happiness. Rain or shine, our restaurant keeps you out of the elements, while sparkling strip overhead lights create a cozy atmosphere.

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